All of my boys are placed in a forever home with a great family!  I pay a stud fee to each family in order to use my males...I do not have boys and girls together as this is very stressful on a male! 

Above are pictures of Rodox Rifleman "LUCAS" who is the son of Macho and Aurora!  He is our new stud for 2016.  All of the dogs in his four generation pedigree are true english creams.  Lucas is a combination of all of the best dogs I have owned.  A handsome boy! He is available!!!

 "MACHO" (above) is a very handsome and gentle boy.  He gets along well with everyone.  He is the father of Lucas.  We hope to have more litters with him in the future.  Macho lives with Lisa and Linda in Tucson.  RETIRED.  :)

Grandparents Champions Dela and Beamer from Whitcombs Distinguished Dachshunds.   These gorgeous dogs are in Minnesota.

Champion boy "RUFUS" is another future stud for 2016.   He is a beautiful shaded cream boy and we can't wait to see what he produces!  He has his forever home with Brad in Mesa. 

"PRESTON" has been a daddy and hopes to be again sometime soon.  He has a forever home with Julayne in Chandler.

"Panchito" has sired many beautiful pups.  He lives with my daughter Valerie in Tucson.

Retired boys in this column:

 "RICO" (The "Magic of Max") is a shaded cream with champion pedigree.  He has been retired and living in his forever home with Lynn and Dora in MA but his pedigree is here to show his background since he is sire to many of our previous pups!

 "Master Jagger" has a wonderful Sniffentells background. He has produced beautiful ee cream pups!  He weighs 12 lbs.  Jagger has been adopted by Lucy in Tucson and "retired".   


Below are three current pictures of our champion stud CH Sylmar's Gimme A Chance.    "Chance" is a shaded cream who weighs 9 lbs.  A handsome young man who "flows" when he struts his stuff!  Chance is now retired.

 Chance's pedigree: 

Here's a picture of Rico's sire "MAX" (Heidox Master Lop Maxwell) who has 26 show champions behind him!   He is father to Rico and grandpa to most of our dogs!  He is what started my interest in breeding.  

The Foothills Doxies Tucson, Arizona 

(520) 615-4611


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