This page shows the moms that have produced our pups.  We are very picky about which females make the cut.  Most are retired now and living with new families.  We only breed our girls twice or three times and then they are adopted out to pet homes!  They are never bred past the age of four.  

Rodox Miss "MOLLY"  von Honey Bee will be a future mom - she is out of Panchito and Honey.  She is a hunter!!!  She always has her nose to the ground chasing something in our yard.  She is expecting puppies around April 17th.

 "MACKENZIE"  She is owned by my daughter Natalie in Tucson.  She is a shaded cream girl with a nice pedigree.

 Rodox "NILLA" living in Phoenix with Carol and Mark.  She is a Macho puppy.  

The girls pictured in this column are retired: 

Cinjays "LUCY" in the Sky with Diamonds.  BPIB, BBBE AKC ptd.  She will be going to live with Preston in Phoenix.  Retired from breeding.

Cinjays "MISSY" Crystal Clear Persuasion.  She is Lucy's sister so she has the same pedigree.  She is a very sweet girl.  Retired - adopted by Kelly in CA.   Her new name is Gracie!

 Rodox Lady "ELSA" von Tristan. She has had two litters so she is going to be adopted by Audrey in Camp Verde, AZ.

This is Rico's granddaughter RODOX Princess "AURORA".  (We called her Gorda cause she loved to eat!)  Aurora just landed a part in the movie called Wiener Dog Internationals and she is presently in CA for the filming of the movie!  She would do anything for a treat.   Retired from breeding.

Dd's Princesa la Paloma Blanca - "PALOMA"- retired and living in Scottsdale with Cynthia.

Rodox Reina Rosita Rodriguez - "ROSITA" out of Twinkie and Jagger - she is a very mellow girl who we adore!   Rosita is a beautiful young lady - she has a reddish tint to her cream color.  Retired - she was adopted by Elizabeth who lives in Attica, New York!  

This is Kt's "Besitos De Twinkie Cremosos" - "TWINKIE" -  Her personality is awesome - she is our friendliest girl who gives lots of kisses and is the perfect lap dog! She is the top dog and leader of the pack!  She is now retired and living with Laurie's parents in Peoria.

This is Shasta's "Almond Roca Dora" - "DORA" - a gorgeous shaded cream girl - with many champions in her pedigree! She is laid-back, quiet, and good-natured and she loves to play with the puppies! She is retired and living with Lynn in Mass. along with Rico!

Honey and Lilly are retired and living with my good friend Pam in Mesa.   


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