"Summer" is enjoying a beautiful day....the wind blowing through her hair......

My niece Erica holding Crystal aka Missy.


My daughter's doxie "Kenzie" loves her pillow.

I see the top dog is on top!!!   (Our grandson)

Wait a minute.....this is NOT a puppy - this is our granddaughter!  Nice try - trying to fool me with those big ears.....!

It figures - look who called shotgun......! 

Macho's birthday party!!! 

He will be a handsome boy - no doubt! 

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

Doxies are very smart - this pup rings a bell when she wants to go outside!  Good job training her Eli in Bisbee

 This smarty pants has also learned to ring the bell to go outside to go potty!  How cute is that?!? Her name is Toffee.
 Rico and Dora are now living with Pete and Lyn in Maryland!! 
Thank you Nicole for a great pic of Linus! 
Best buds Rubie and Pixie.
Jianna and Draco having fun! 
Nicole bought a very pretty dress for Stella! 

Hey - I've got a pink dress too! 

 Mari showing off her new Harley harness!!!  What a cutie she is!
Here comes Stuart retrieving the ball.....what a good boy! 
Sophie keeping up with her best pal Buggie!!  

Love racing with my friends....we doxies are fast! 

"Tucson" with her new buddy.
Check out best buds Pickles and Kitty! 
 Get out of my way - I am having my picture taken!  (Paloma and Rico)
 An updated pic of "Toffee" who's "as smart as a whip"  But we knew that!   (Rico's daughter)

Think I'll take a quick nap in the car......(Preston)

The sound of Music litter getting ready to travel - Liesel, Louisa, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl....!

Puppies out of Panchito and Honey. 

Brothers Connor, Duke, and Tristan - all of them went to wonderful homes! 

Picture time for the Honey/Panchito litter! 

Twinkie/Jagger puppies - pale and shaded cream

Marcela came over to our house to check on her boy!! 
Here is a pic of Shelly who drove all the way from CA to pick up her pup!  She is holding Sabrina and Panchito's litter of five! 
A gorgeous litter of creams out of Sabrina and Macho! 
Our Laci (Macho's sister) and Jagger litter.
A gorgeous black litter sired by Panchito!!! 
Luna's litter all found wonderful homes.
Four of our Sabrina/Panchito pups at seven weeks old.   
Dulce and Rico's last litter of pups!
Toby, Truffles, Taffy, and Twix.  Toffee missing in picture - five pups out of Tootsie and Rico.  It was hard to hang on to five squirming babies!
Twinkie and her siblings born July 6th. Thanks Katie in Atlanta.
Goldie and Rolo's three shaded cream boys born Oct 3rd 2009.  
Rolo pups!  These pups are eight weeks old. 
A picture of best friends Tawnie and Allie. 
Dakota and Saundie - looks like love!!! 
THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR DOXIE:  fishing...........and floating!!!!
And sledding in the winter time is a lot of fun! 
  Hey! - I'm still waiting for someone to come out and play with ME!

Apollo has a clever way to make some extra cash

Iker became a champion down in Mexico City!!! 

Traveling to Tucson!  Going to take a plane ride!

Holding hands while we take a nap....Apollo and his brother Edward (who barks in Spanish now).

This beautiful girl (our Molly) is a keeper!

Another shot of Rubie.  She is one special girl!
Dora and Rico. 
 A Rico son is now living in California!  What a handsome devil.
Get out the sweaters - winter is around the corner! 

Yes - we've got our sweaters on mom..... 

"Macho Iribe" in his new sweater.
A very stylish PINK sweater!!!! 
"Tucson" ready for the holidays in her sweater!!!   
Brrr!  It's cold outside!  This is Laci who lives with Norma.
Pixie and Rubie bundled up for winter!! 

This is my Christmas sweater. 

 Reina showing off her sweater!  It's very cold up in Washington state!
How about Stu's sweater!!?!! 
My mommy gave me a nice sweater too!!!   

Sleeping with her bone..... 

Sleeping with a friend is even better!! 

Nap time with Daniel is awesome. 

Stella likes to keep the bed warm when mom's away. 
Stuart at home here in Tucson with Vanessa and family.

This little "Lady" looks very happy in her new home! 

"Prada" finally slowed down to take a nap!

Casanova taking a break from it all....! 

Heidi going for a ride in her stroller. 
Tenley in Atlanta looks very content in Kim's arms - thanks to the Lynch family for giving her a wonderful new home!!! 
 Caught digging in the grass!  Thanks for all the pictures Stacy!!!

I love to pose for the camera! 

Sophie (on top) and friends! 
Zoe (pale cream girl on right) and her new friends! 
Sophie (on right) with new roommates in Texas!! 
Matzah and Buddha - what a couple of opposites!
Lady and her new buddy Duke! 
"Don't mess with me - I have back-up!!!" 
This is Tawnie and her new roommates!  (FYI - they snore...!) 
Oscar and Panchito are ready for adventure! 
Reina's first boat ride up in Ocean Shores WA with Marti! 
Oscar and Oliver -- snug as two bugs in a rug!!  (above) and best buds at eight weeks of age.  (below)
Everybody loves a hotdog! (This is Oscar)
Oliver and Oscar now!!  They happened to come over at the same time while their "parents" were on vacation!!   Sadly we won't be dogsitting either anymore because Oscar is moving to CA and Oliver to Colorado!  Good luck to both and hope you have a happy life - we will miss you!!
No, the name's not Rudolph, it's Gunter and I live with Gerhard in Tucson.
Father and son reunion - Oscar and Rico.
Rio and half sister Daisy!!  "Mom, it's time to cut the grass!!" 
Sophia and Sebastian love to go for rides in the golf cart! We live in Florida with Renee.
 The little princess Daisy - tiny girl, big attitude!
 A picture of our first doxie girl "Dolly" from Texas.  She now lives with my friend Vicki in Mexico!

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