Sorry - all of our pups are adopted at this time.  We are expecting a Missy/Lucas litter around February 25th.  They will be all pale creams.  Check back or call anytime.

All of our dogs are AKC registered. We strive to produce superior cream dachshunds. True english creams are born black with cream underneath. They lose the black overlay within a few months, leaving a nice dark edging on the ears and tail. Some may be shaded creams with some black overlay on the trunk as well. Others are born a pale "butter" cream with no black at all. Or you may have a black and cream—similar to a black and tan but with cream instead of tan.  We also have had a few cream brindles and cream pies.  Dachshunds come in a variety of colors and patterns! A deposit of $200 is needed to hold the pup of your choice and is usually refundable or can be used for another pup.   WE CAN NOT HOLD A PUP WITHOUT A DEPOSIT!!! The cost of a pup will be more if you are wanting full registration for showing or breeding rights. We have the right to have first pick of a litter if we decide to keep a pup. We do not sell to pet stores or puppy mills!   Everyone is welcome in our home to come and visit and see the pups before they are adopted.  If you live too far away, we are happy to deliver the pup to you in person.  Safe, climate controlled shipping thru Delta Pet Cargo or personal delivery with my pet nanny will be $250-$450 extra -depending on where they are going. They will be vet checked and will have to be nine weeks old to fly. Besides a health certificate, your pup will come with a crate, food, and blanket if the pup is shipped.  I would like to add that males are VERY affectionate and loyal. And if you get them neutered by the time they reach six months, they are just as nice as a female since they have not learned to mark their territory or hike their leg yet. Contrary to what people may think when they hear "long-haired", these dogs require very little grooming! They don't shed much or need haircuts. A brush and bath on occasion is sufficient. Questions about our pups are always welcome.  We don't always have pups ready to go so if you want to be put on our waiting list, please give us a call. 

Call (520) 808-9618 to talk about these cute puppies!!!



 DIRECTLY        to YOU!

The Foothills Doxies

Tucson, Arizona/Madison, Wis.

(520 808-9618

Below shows how "Max" started out a shaded cream and lightened to a handsome blond color.....all three pics are of the same dog! 

#1 pic as a tiny pup! 

#2 pic as a young boy! 

#3 pic as an adult - he has lightened up a lot and almost looks like a pale cream! Even the black on the ears and tail is almost gone.

We are not a kennel—we only have one or two litters per year in our home. Our house is always open to visitors! "Who is that coming to the door?!?"


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