The Foothills Doxies ~ Kirsten Rodriguez

Rodox English Cream Dachshunds

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These are pups from previous litters:

Shaded cream pups start out dark and lighten as they grow!

           Pale cream pups 

We have a black and cream pup show up on occasion as shown below! 
Our stud Macho as a pup! 
Our boy Rico when he was a young lad - already a cassanova and courting the ladies! 
Rico today - proud dad and babysitter!! 
Rico is the perfect size - a true mini dachshund.
The "foothills doxies" are located in North Tucson in the Catalina Foothills -- This is the view from the end of our driveway
We love the beautiful climate -- What a puppy paradise!!
A doxie reunion!! We like to get together and talk about all of the clever and funny things our doxies have done lately! And our doxies like to get together too! This pictures Rico (at the top) with his harem of five ladies!!!  Girls from left to right: Tootsie, Koko, Dulce, Sabrina, and Goldie. Thank you very much for checking out our website and we welcome any calls and questions about our "kids".

Miss Molly and Lucas enjoyed the dachshund races in Waunakee Wisconsin this year.    


Wir sprechen Deutsch y hablar Espanol....!  :)

The Foothills Doxies are located in Tucson, Arizona (winter) and Madison Wisconsin (summer).                       (520) 808-9618   Call us or send us an email at


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