Lucy lives in Des Moines with the Griffin family!
Helen in Tucson has a beautiful new girl named Bailey.
Mindy is getting big in Tucson with Natalie.

"Clara" will be spoiled by Seyoung....and her new friends - three bunnies!   (below)

Paloma has a new friend named Huckleberry!   How cute is he?!! 

Chris in Mesa has a collection of pups!  Winrie on the left is their    latest addition.  Congrats!

Robin says her Harvey is perfect!  He is very smart and already doing  tricks!

Best buds up in Seattle.

Pretty "Lotus" going for a walk! 

Yes - this is my new pretty mom!  And I'm not too bad

This pup went to a great home in Bisbee - she was adopted by Eli who always wanted a dog.

Connor was adopted by the Farmer family in Phoenix. 
Butter was adopted by the Harper family in Goodyear.  
Kona lives with Marc in Chandler. 
We know that Honey is a lucky girl adopted by Mike in Surprise. 
Reggie with his new buddy Joey - living in Corona with Karen. 
Porthos and Ellie were adopted by the Potter family!  So nice to have them stay together! 
Ari with Ramesses and Gucci.
"Linus" has made himself comfortable in his new home with Nicole! 
Adriana from Phoenix adopted this gorgeous black and cream girl!!!! 
Tucker and Lexi went home with the Lancaster family!! 
Kiki has a wonderful home in Washington with Tristan and family! 
The Dyer family from Oro Valley picked up their new boy today!!!  His name is MOOSE!  
This handsome boy was adopted by Kim and Scott Green in Oro Valley! 
Baby Belle is going home with Christal - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 
 "Draco" has a new home with Jianna and her mom Linda in Tucson!
Emily finally got her Sophie!!  What a couple of cuties!! Thank you Ellen in Texas. 
"Tucson" went to California to be with Stacy.
Sophie is living in Ohio with her new friend Ry!  A beautiful pair! 
Gabi is very happy to have a new friend.
A beautiful family portrait - Rio and Daisy were both adopted by Natalie. 
Another shot of Rio - a Rico/Tootsie boy! 
Beautiful "Toffee" lives with Connie in WA. 
 Oscar is living with Alexa in San Francisco.
This cute little guy who's new name will be Ravi, is joining Marcela and Michael and their two other doxies here in Tucson.
Congratulations to Ellen in Texas on a very beautiful little girl named Sophie! 
This shaded cream pie girl named Daisy is going to Angie in Cocoa, Florida! 
 Lily on the left was adopted by Angie in Cocoa Florida and Sawyer on the right is living with Sydnee in Gilbert AZ. 
This boy's new name is Jaime and he lives with Lily, Daisy,  and Angie! 
Toffee is going to be a "snowbird" - Washington in the summer and Phoenix in the winter with her new mom Connie.
Gucci went to live with Bernadette!  We can't decide who is cuter!! 
This good-looking boy is named Enzo and he is loved by Kara!
Honey lives with Adrienne in Phoenix, AZ.
Heidi flew down to Houston!  She was adopted by Suzanne.
This girl lives in Minneapolis with Renee and family.  Her new name is Junie.
Winnie was adopted by Shannon in Tucson.
"Bea" is sooo very loved!  Thanks Mandy and Zoey.

A pretty Sophie went to Laveen with Sherri and Mark. 

Don and Barb's new puppy "Sonny" in Glendale.  Thank you for giving this boy a great home!

Lady is the Queen of Oro Valley and Brad's new girlfriend.  She is a pretty cream brindle!

Jessica is very happy with Gatsby. 

Mila is sister to our Molly!

Mila again living in Milwaukee with her new friends. 

Finn has a very large buddy!!

Cinder and Ella went to live with Lou in Sacramento CA. 
Summer relaxing in her new doggy bed!   She was adopted by Erika in Glendale.
Goldie and Cloe were adopted by Laurie in Peoria. 
  This brindle girl has a perfect new name LILY and a wonderful new home with the Hanger family in El Cajon, CA.


"Mojo" is going to be spoiled by Brittany in Scottsdale.   
   "Brooklyn" is living with Kristin in Milwaukee.
This little guy was lucky enough to be adopted by James and Sherry who drove down from St. George, Utah!
 Rosie lives with Carol in Tucson and her new big brother Duffy.
Our sweetest Mari is leaving to live with Linda in Silverlake, Washington! 
 This little guy named "Myles" was adopted by Ashley in Mesa.  
Beautiful Riley sitting in the lap of Katy for the first time after being picked up at the airport in Atlanta, GA.  Looks like an instant friendship!

Shelly and Amber drove here from CA to adopt their pup! 

 Tenley was adopted by the Lynch family in Atlanta.  Thank you Kim for giving her such a good home!!!
 Ozzy was adopted by Leah right here in Tucson.  Leah works at a radio station and Ozzy is listening to the scanner for news!
"Lady" went home with Mark and the Dees family from Glendale, AZ.
Sophia, Grace, and Sebastian - three cute blondies at home with Renee in Panama City, Florida! 
 "Prada" will be joining Bernadette and "Gucci" in Kearny.
"Tucson" showing off her new bed.  She lives in Arroyo Grande, CA with Stacy!  
Reina will no doubt be the "queen bee" at Marti's home in Ocean Shores, WA.   
Amber in Palm Desert CA adopted Summer and this is her new pink bed! 
Let's not forget about Sawyer!  He's got a new bed too!  He lives with Sydnee. 
Check out MY nice bed!  Another picture of Lady who was adopted by the Dees family.
Rolo and Goldie (below) are now owned by the Wagner family. 
Lulu lives with the Salzman family in Tucson. 
Tiny Zoe went to live with Deb in Northampton. 
Alex was adopted by Michael in Tucson.
"Uno" is best friends with Ray in Tucson.  He was our very first dachshund!  
Handsome Max when he was a young pup!  He lives in Tucson.
Matzah went all the way to the east coast to live with Emily!  Recently she moved to CA -  from one coast to the other !!
Lady showing off her new collar!  She was adopted by Rhiannon in Scottsdale.
Oliver lives with Dan and Juli in Denver, Colorado.
Stacey in Tempe named her girl Oakley.
Gigi has a great home with Jack in Scottsdale.
First ride home with Sydney - her new name is Peach!
Maxwell is Laura's best friend and "retired" in Florida!

Jackson was adopted by Sandy...and his new buddy Finn (below)  How cute! 

This boy has a great name - "Rommel" and is owned by Jennipher in Mesa.

"Big Time Charlie" lives with the Ewing family in Oracle AZ. 

This is Casanova who went to Scottsdale.  Thank you James and family. 

We can see why his new name is Prince!  He will be spoiled by Mike and Connie

This little guy traveled all the way to Alaska!  Mary Kay is his new mom.

This spot is so much better than in my kennel......! 

Daisy in Texas is pretty spoiled.... 

Winston knows how to make himself comfortable.  He lives with Jessica in Tucson.

Snoopy has his own chair! 

 Haley was adopted by Amanda in Oro Valley! 
Another picture of pretty Haley in her dress!
Buddy was adopted by Robert  from Cornville, AZ. 
Sully and Gretchen are buddies now at Jenna's house in Tucson
The girls "Pixie" and "Rubie" are going shopping !!  They were adopted by Lisa, Linda and Tay in Tucson.  
So tired of shopping !!!!!!! 
 "Pickles" is going home with her new friend Taylor!
"Holmes" went to live with Alley and Susan in Glendale. 
Little Lexi was adopted by Susan in Tempe.
"Sophie" was adopted by Amy in Scottsdale. 
"Gerson" was adopted by Marcela and Michael in Tucson. 
Indy, a pretty cream brindle, went to Texas to live with Candice. 
Sophie was adopted by Carol from Ohio.   
Max lives with Ray and Suzanne in Oro Valley - and this is his girlfriend named Daisy. 
Heidi was adopted by Brown family in Sierra Vista!   
Deuces, a handsome fellow,  lives with Katina in Minnesota.  
Then:  First ride home for "Stu" with his new owners - Vanessa and family in Tucson.
And now, within a year, Stu has really grown up quickly to be a handsome young man!
My new name is Peppermint Patty and I was adopted by Katie in Glendale!  I was the "runt" of the litter!
"Toby" has a new home with Sarah here in Tucson. 
 Sam is taking up the bed all by himself - living with Ashley in Vegas!
Irma in Sierra Vista says that Samantha is one of the best pups she has had!
 Max has found a home with Jake, Suzanne, and Daisy in Oro Valley.
These two pale cream boys were adopted by Renee in Florida and Katina in Minn. 
This tiny girl named Emma went home with Lynn and Victoria from Minn.! 
Rosie was adopted by Janet and boys in Tucson. 
Dusty lives in Texas with the Fountain family! 
 Dakota went home with Shelly from Palm Desert, CA
Zoey lives with Amanda in Tucson.
Molly was adopted by the Meshal family.   
Lulu lives in Pasedena CA with Kate!
 Tiny Coco is all grown up now and living with the Carbone family

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